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I am now a Ph.D. at University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, jointly trained with Nanyang Technological University, Singapore and ShanghaiTech University, China. I am also with the Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. My research supervisors are Prof. Junrui Liang | 梁俊睿教授 and Prof. Yaowen Yang.

With the vision of building an Internet of Moving Things free from batteries, less polluting, and sustainable, my research focuses on designing effective, reliable, and scalable battery-free IoT solutions based on kinetic energy harvesting. My research interests include energy harvesting, intermittent computing, ubiquitous computing, and battery-free IoT system.

Phone/Wechat: +86 18916106107
[2021/07/12] “ViPSN-pluck: A Transient-motion-powered Motion Detector” is accepted by the IEEE IOTJ! Press

[2021/07/10] Related work of ViPSN-pluck is awarded the VEH 2021 Best Paper!

[2021/01/30] “Live Demo of A Transient-motion-powered Human Motion Detector” is accepted by the IEEE ISCAS 2021!

[2020/09/15] “System Design and Implementation of A Transient-motion-powered IoT Sensor Node” is awarded the SMASIS 2020 Finalist of Best Student Hardware Competition!

[2020/07/23] “ViPSN: A Vibration-powered IoT Platform” is accepted by the IEEE IOTJ! Press

[2020/01/30] “Competition: Using DeCoT+ to Collect Data under Interference” is awarded the 1st place at the EWSN 2019 Dependability Competition!

[2019/08/18] ViPSN is awarded the 1st Runner Up of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society (IES) Inter-Chapter Paper Competition!

Mechanical potential energy pre-charging

IEEE/ASME Transactions of Mechatronics


Different from the solar or RF energy harvesting solutions, which might be constrained by fluctuating sources, the kinetic energy harvester using potential energy pre-charging mechanism has a unique feature to provide a highly reliable energy supply to self-powered applications.


ViPSN: an open-source development platform specified for vibration-powered IoT devices

IEEE Internet of Things


ViPSN (acronym of vibration-powered sensing node) is a programmable Internet of Things (IoT) platform for the development of vibration- or motion-powered sensing and transmitting systems. It serves as a reconfigurable developing platform for vibration-powered IoT applications.

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ViPSN-pluck: a transient-motion-powered motion sensing system

IEEE Internet of Things


This project proposes a transient-motion-powered human motion detector, ViPSN-pluck. It is developed based on a cyber-electromechanical synergetic co-design. Instead of relying on continuous motions, such as walking and running, ViPSN-pluck explores an extreme excitation scenario by making use of a single plucking motion, which is discrete and instantaneous.


ViPSN-cam: a vibration-powered ubiquitous camera


Research key: dynamic energy management and power-neutral system design.

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ViPSN-gameboy: a kientic-powered battery-free gameboy


Research key: energy-neutral system design, intermittent computing, and human-computer interaction.

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ViPSN-lora: a kientic-powered battery-free long-range communication sensor node


Research key: wireless communication and power-neutral system design.


Battery-free flexible motion sensing system


Research key: power-neutral system design, backscatter communication, and flexible sensor.


Energy-neutral wireless sensor network


This project is supported by the National Key Research and Development Program of China with Tsinghua University and China Mobile. This project foucus on network resource allocation based on the fusion of energy flow and information flow under the condition of energy uncertainty.